Un chico cuenta qué productos son eficaces (en inglés)

Éste es un artículo escrito por un chico (en inglés) que me convenció para probar alguna crema, aunque no me convenció de no usar otra… Es sencillamente, una experiencia más, cuya lectura me parece interesante.

A «MUST READ» — MIKE DEFOREST, 01:23:09 06/01/03

I finally found something that works to improve scars. Actually it’s a
combination of things that I’ve discovered through trial and error and I’m
excited about it and want it to share it with all of you because I know what
it’s like to not want to leave the house because you can’t stand looking in
the mirror. I don’t know if it will work for everyone but it certainly has
helped me. I suffer from indented scars that are lighter than the rest of the
skin on my face.
First of all let me tell you what I’ve tried in the past which have had no
results or have acually worsened things. Some of them have been painful also
so please read what I have to say…

Tri reduction with copper peptides. – This stuff not only didn’t help me but
made my skin itch badly. I would end up scratching my face in my sleep, and it
made the scars look worse. When I discontinued using it, the scars lightened
even more than the were making them more noticeable. NO

(Baba de caracol) Elicina «snail cream» – This didn’t irritate my skin but didn’t help much either, and again it seemed to lighten my scars more than they already were. NO


Placenta cream. – Did absolutely nothing. (Qué horror, nunca había escuchado semejante cosa…). NO

Differin (retin A) – did nothing.  (A mNO tampoco em hizo nada en su día). NO

Bio pacific creams – _ did nothing. NO

Cocoa butter – again nothing. NO

Mederma – did nothing except make my skin appear as if it was flaking off, but
it was actually the gel flaking off. Totalmente de acuerdo. NO


Camphor oil – This irritated my skin just like the Tri Reduction did and
showed no improvement. NO

Alpha Hydroxys and retinol products – Another skin irritant that doesn’t show
any improvements. NO

Proactive – may help acne but did nothing for scars. NO

Tea tree oil – Smells awful and does nothing. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. NO

Aloe Gel and Creams with collagen. – Sooths skin at best but the collagen
can’t get down deep into the skin where it’s needed. NO

Vitamin A creams and gels – absolutely nothing. NO

Microdermabrasion – This was suprisingly not uncomfortable as a matter of fact
it was kind of pleasent and showed some noticeable immediate results, however,
as soon as your skin flakes off and peels, your old scar is back. NO

Chemical Peels – This was unpleasent. It feels like your face is on fire
during the treatment and afterwords showed less improvement than the
microdermabraision. I don’t recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin
because it can cause breakouts. NO

Laser Light treatment – This hurt. Not only did it not improve anything, but I
stayed at home for a week because of the bruises it caused. It looked like I
got beat up litterally, and it’s very discouraging to see your self in the
mirror looking worse that you used to look. When the bruises went away it
showed little or no improvement. NO

Well that covers the stuff that I don’t recommend. So now read on because what
I have found is showing improvement and it’s a great feeling!

The first thing I bought was Twinlab – MaxiLIFE Chicken Collagen Type II
which you take 2 a day with a glass of OJ on an empty stomach. This
way the collagen gets into your bloodstream internally. I’ve been taking it
for a week and unless I’m crazy, the scars are showing improvement. The next
thing I started doing is putting this cream called «Sycream» (http://www.Syprex.Com)
on the scars and in two days (Hard to beleive I know) the scars have improved
even further with NO IRRITATION WHATSOEVER! The only other thing I do
occasionally is that I bought some Neutrogena instant bronze and dab it on the
scar, let it dry somewhat, then wipe off the excess with a tissue to darken it
to match the surrounding skin, but I’ve been doing it less because the Sycream
seems to be helping that problem in a more permenant way. By the way, the
Sycream web sight doesn’t make any claim to darken lightened cars, only to
lighten the darker ones but it seems to be doing it anyway. And the scars seem
to be filling in and evening out also.
I hope this information helps you all because before you go through all these
painful procedures, such as needling, I think you ought to give this a shot.

Bueno, estoy de acuerdo con varios de los tratamientos de los que ha afirmado que no funcionan, pero.. lo dicho: Con Sycream hay que tener cuidado. Mejora la piel sin irritación, totalmente cierto, pero sólo mientras se usa. Serás esclavo de por vida de la crema y la casa cosmética.

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